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Bitcoin Information

What Are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins (BTC or XBT) are a form of decentralized digital currency, known as cryptocurrency. They do not require banks to process so the transaction fees are very low. More info below.

Bitcoin Wallets

Store Your Bitcoins

To earn any bitcoins, you need to store them in a wallet address. These can be obtained for free and you can have multiple wallets. There are a few sites that offer these.

Bitcoin Investments

Invest Your Bitcoins

BitCoin investment sites pay interest on any BTC that you invest into their pool. It works the same as any other trading done on the market with traditional currency. Returns are hourly.

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Bitcoin Mining

Mining For Bitcoins

BitCoin mining is the process of solving algorithms with hardware-specific software to find new bitcoins. This can be done with specialized hardware or via a mining pool.

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Bitcoin Ads

Display or Buy Adverts

BitCoin media adverts for publishers and advertisers are available from a host of services. Get started earning or purchasing adverts with BTC.

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Bitcoin Faucets

Captcha for Bitcoins

BitCoin faucets allow you to earn BTC by visiting their page and taking actions, then clicking on a captcha to collect your satoshi.

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